First, coffee…then the world

I believe in the mystical powers of coffee.  There is something about that morning cup of joe that moves the mind into is waking state and readies it to take on the world.  With that being said, I’m going to need an awful lot of caffeine in the near future as the task I’m about to take on – transforming the way I teach – requires analysis, honesty, and instrospection on the highest level.

I attended #ncte14 in Washington, DC with two colleagues and, as always, it was a phenomenal experience.  The sessions were informative, the presenters were passionate, and I left with thousands of ideas on how I can inform my practice and better serve students.  I don’t just say that because I put it all on(the)line as a presenter (insert gratuitous self-back-patting here) but because it’s true.  There is something transformative that happens when you put intelligent, motivated people in a room together and encourage them to take on the world. Excitement takes over and the possibilities are endless.

We were highly moved by one session that put Penny Kittle’s Book Love vision into action – teachers got kids to read – I mean to REALLY read.  No Spark Notes, Shmoop, or Book Rags here.  These kids had their heads in books and they kept coming back for more.

That is inspiring.

That is life-changing.

Every student should have this opportunity.

My colleagues and I are going to start small and make a pedagogical shift that will ignite passion in our own classes.  Hopefully this spark will catch and spread to our department and then engulf our school.  How we are going to do this is yet to be seen – we are still in the very incipient stages of this crazy endeavor.  So, in the future we intend to offer more details of our journey: musings, insights, and reflections on what worked and what didn’t in the posts to come.  For now, though, I think it’s best to sip and think, think and sip.  First coffee…and then the world.


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