Connecticut Reading Association Annual Conference

It is 10:34am in Cromwell, CT.

I am sitting in a session awaiting my time to present with the other two lone nuts and our department chair.

We have spent the morning trouble-shooting technology issues that have risen in order to deliver our presentation on Assessment with regard to Rigorous Independent Reading.

Who would have thought you would need to bring your own projector? Not us. Thankfully, Steph was able to run home and grab one for us.

There is a tremendous amount of anxiety that comes along with putting yourself out there for others to judge and learn from. In fact, I am trying to control my anxiety by typing this post. Karlen is not making it easy for me, because she is reading over my shoulder suggesting edits as I type.

All that said, I’m excited by our presentation. We have come so far in 10 months. As Karlen and I ran through our slides with our DC Jess Spillane this morning (while Steph frantically drove home to get us a projector), Karlen said, “I’m proud of this presentation.” It came to me at that moment that we spent a great deal of time since November in hard conversations. Each of us was trying different types and forms of assessment in our classes and when we came together, the change kept feeling huge. Sometimes our collaborations left me with angst (like my 10th graders), wondering if I was doing something wrong or if my approaches to assessment were running commensurate with the goals of my colleagues.

As I read through Steph’s intended final comments I felt that each of us was aiming for the same target, just approaching it differently. Steph closes by saying: “Student work should be evaluated based on improvement, reflection, and reading/writing portfolios. I think you will see (if you click on our slide show, which I have provided below) that our students are accomplishing some incredible things.

That’s it for now. I’m feeling a little calmer. I will let Karlen edit this stream of consciousness now.

Click below to be directed to our slide show. SPOILER ALERT: for #NCTE15 attendees: come see us in person – J.40 – Saturday 11/21- 2:45-4:00

The Reading (R)evolution: Creating Independent Learners Through Assessments that Encourage a Love of Reading


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