Why Classroom Libraries Matter

The @THSReadRev teachers are excited to be featured in Episode Two of Penny Kittle’s Book Love Podcast discussing why classroom libraries matter and how we started ours.  Those of you who have been following this blog know that it has been a long, steady process that has been made possible by a lot of determination on our end, and continuing support from other teachers and our school administrators.

We recently recieved our $500 Book Love Foundation Grant and were excited to get the books on our shelves.  Since we began our Reading (R)evolution last year, we have had a hard time keeping certain titles stocked – they honestly spread like wildfire – and so we used this opportunity to grab additional copies of our students’ most read books.

We must have at least 20 copies of Andrew Smith’s Winger between our three classrooms and it is ALWAYS CHECKED OUT! We also cannot keep Ellen Hopkins on the shelf, or any of the following series: The Maze RunnerI am Number Four, the Divergent books. Anything written by Laurie Halse Anderson frequently circulates among the students and our most recent “hot” book, Everything Everything, by Nicola Yoon has not yet been reshelved.  It has gone from a book talk right into a student’s hands and has been passed around continuously.

A great big thank you to Penny Kittle and the Book Love Foundation for continuing to inspire and support us.  Also, thank you to Kevin Carlson from the Teacher Learning Sessions for putting together the phenomenal Book Love podcasts.





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